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A year of art — a vibrant calendar brought to life on Color Copy

​​​​​​​The artist’s illustrations came to life on Color Copy coated silk 200 g/m2 by the talented team at Coco Press printing house.


The formula for the success of a creative project, as it turns out, is quite simple: a talented artist, high-quality materials and professional performance.

Before the end-of-the-year holidays, artist, illustrator, and portraitist Tatyana Lavrentyeva created a series of children’s drawings for an art calendar for the upcoming year. Tatyana’s idea of combining creativity, high-quality materials, and printing production resonated with Coco Press.

My dream was to open a printing house that really tries to understand the customer and is dedicated to the final outcome. For many years we have been choosing Color Copy paper for its consistent quality and outstanding results!

— Yelena Krasnova, Director of Coco Press printing house


Projects involving the reproduction of works of art require careful pre-printing preparation, to ensure the transfer of colours and textures remains as close as possible to the original.

This includes an analysis of the profile chain from the scanner to the printing machine, multiple colour proofs, calibrations and colour corrections. All these efforts would be wasted without a paper whose white balance and technical characteristics are properly adapted to the printing technology used — in the case of Coco Press, dry-toner xerography.​​​​

All our experience suggests that Color Copy coated silk paper, which combines impeccable optical properties and adaptive interaction with the chemically-grown toner we use for printing, is the clear choice in this case.

— Yelena Krasnova, Director of Coco Press printing house


Moreover, the Color Copy paper successfully resists curl during single-sided printing, which is also very important for a calendar.


The result of our efforts exceeded all expectations. You won't find such high-quality paper as Color Copy, because it has the best whiteness, a pleasant tactile feel and optimal colour rendering!

— Yelena Krasnova, Director of Coco Press printing house

Project specs


Color Copy coated silk, 200 g/m²



Tatyana Lavrentyeva


Coco Press

Printing machine:

Xerox C550, Ideal 4705, WireBinder3 3:1



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