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Mass-customised cover design

Print designs as a source of uniqueness: this is the key idea underpinning a unique project recently developed in Russia. Designers from the Artonika agency created an illustration, which was then used as the basis for an exceptional coverdesign. The illustration was personalised to become a unique and vivid person, with his or her own face and character, for every copy produced.
The designers and cover creators of the November issue of PUBLISH magazine used unique software, the Mosaic plug-in from HP SmartStream Designer, which crops, changes colours and angles to generate countless unique graphics from 1-2 vector images. The HP digital printing press Indigo 12000 then reproduced all this diversity in one run.
Today, new technologies already make it possible to individualise printed products on an industrial scale.
HP Indigo certified PERGRAPHICA® paper was the perfect backdrop to express the full creativity and individuality of the project. Not least because PERGRAPHICA® is respected by printers and advertising agencies alike, rising to this print challenge, with its outstanding print properties, high colour rendering, as well as its aesthetic and tactile appeal.
6000 copies of the magazine – without repeating a single cover
Paper such as PERGRAPHICA® has a 'new' haptic, which sets a high level of communication between the product and the consumer. It was interesting for us to combine the innovative technology of variability and the implementation of the project on premium design paper
Dmitry Chernogaev, Executive Art Director and Partner Creative agency "Artonika"
The story behind creating these personalised covers for PUBLISH magazine inspires and proves that in our time printed products can be both mass produced and unique, meeting the main market requirement – personalization and variability in large volumes.  And it shows: advertising agency "Artonika" and printing house "Cityprint. Impressive Print” received a silver award at the III New Design Festival “Wednesday 2019”, in Moscow November 9-10, 2019, for the project of variable covers for the November issue of PUBLISH.

Project specs


PERGRAPHICA® High White Smooth, 240 g/m²



Cover for PUBLISH magazine


Advertising agency "Artonika"


Printing house “Cityprint. Impressive print"

Printing machine:

HP Indigo 12000 digital printer using HP SmartStream Mosaic software



Print run:

6000 copies

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